Adel Health Mart: A Cornerstone of Community Health

Adel Health Mart

In the heart of Adel, Iowa’s historic town square, Adel Health Mart stands as a beacon of personalized healthcare and community spirit. It’s more than just a pharmacy – it’s a place where you’ll find friendly faces, unexpected treasures, and a commitment to enriching the lives of its customers.

Your Family’s Health Partner

True to its roots, Adel Health Mart’s pharmacists and staff take the time to get to know you. They’re dedicated to providing top-notch pharmaceutical care, from filling prescriptions to offering expert advice and counseling on medications. Whether you have a question about a new prescription, need a flu shot, or are managing a chronic condition, the team at Adel Health Mart treats you like family.

Gifts that Surprise and Delight

Step inside, and you might be surprised to find a treasure trove of unique gifts alongside the health and wellness essentials. Adel Health Mart handpicks a charming collection designed to add joy and beauty to everyday life. Browse fragrant candles, Willow Tree figurines for those heartfelt moments, and a rotating selection of home decor accents that change with the seasons. Don’t forget a Hallmark card to complete your gift! Of course, they offer complimentary gift-wrapping for that extra touch.

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Beyond the Pharmacy Counter

Adel Health Mart stands apart due to its focus on creating a haven of wellness. You’ll find a dedicated Sony Digital Picture station where you can easily turn your treasured memories into lasting prints and gifts. They even offer classes to help you make the most of your photos and digital keepsakes. Looking for ways to boost your health? Explore their range of vitamins and supplements or ask their knowledgeable staff for recommendations.

A Pillar of the Adel Health Mart

Adel Health Mart has woven itself into the fabric of Adel. They are the friendly faces you see sponsoring the youth baseball team or helping decorate the square for the holidays. Their support of local causes reflects their unwavering belief that a healthy community starts with caring for one another.

Experience the Difference

If you’re looking for a pharmacy that provides expert care with a personal touch, along with some delightful surprises, Adel Health Mart is your destination. They embody the perfect blend of small-town warmth and a dedication to serving their community with excellence.

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